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That Projector Life

Nov 20, 2019

We're getting closer to that time of year - when we travel across land and sea to be with the ones we love most. (And ironically, they're usually the ones that most make us want to pull our hair out.) 

And on top of typical family social dynamics, you'll have another factor to consider during your social gatherings:...

Nov 13, 2019

The solar plexus is a fascinating energy center in Human Design. It functions as both an awareness center and a motor center. 

And it's high time we explored it, especially seeing as the holidays are approaching (and those bring large social gatherings with some our biggest conditioners...our families). 

Whether or not...

Nov 6, 2019

Projectors have unique roles in their relationships, but it can be difficult to access those roles because relationships tend to be complicated.

In this episode, we're walking through three big relationship dynamics - family relationships, parenting as a projector, and romantic relationships.

Each dynamic brings its own...