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That Projector Life

Apr 29, 2020

We're getting back to Human Design 101 with this episode. And I can't believe it's taken me soooooo long to get to the subject of Definition. But, here we are, and I have a ton of great information for you.

And some of that info will likely change how you're deconditioning!

The term "definition" in Human Design has to...

Apr 22, 2020

Can you manifest as a Projector? Short answer: YES! 

Long answer: Listen to this podcast episode. ;)

Manifestation Queen Sasha Danielle is joining me to talk about all things manifestation as a Projector. We have a great conversation and share some a-ha moments that each of us have (during the chat, no less).


Apr 15, 2020

Projectors are experts when it comes to borrowing energy, even if we don’t realize it. Our penetrating aura makes it easy for us to energetically connect with and borrow from other people. In general, there are two ways we do this - through invitations and through being in someone’s aura.

In this episode, we'll talk...

Apr 8, 2020

This week’s That Projector Life podcast episode features Reiki Master Shelby Melissa! Shelby is back on the show, and she and I chat through a lot of issues facing the collective now - stress, anxiety, overwhelm...and how to handle it.

Shelby pulls from her amazing Facebook Live series Creating Impact in Turbulent...

Apr 1, 2020

We all know that working with our energy is amazing and makes everything magical. Horses become unicorns. Clouds become calorie-free marshmallows, and the ugly brown water of the Gulf of Mexico becomes a beautiful, crystal-clear blue.

And we also know that working against our energy makes life difficult and frustrating....